Please be considerate to the student before you and arrive at your lesson on time instead of early.

Friends may not attend piano lessons.

Siblings are expected to wait quietly.  Electronic devices will require headphones.

If you are dropping your student off or picking them up, you will need to do so inside the gate of driveway, in between the front house and back house.  Students will not be permitted to be dropped off, picked up, to wait, or to play in the front yard or our residence on N Plant Ave. 

Tuition is $125 per month and due before the first lesson of the month.  

There is a one-time $40 registration fee for new students.

There is a $30 recital fee for each performing student.

The studio will order any sheet music your student needs.  Sheet music must be ordered through Boerne Piano.  New copies, with receipt on file at Boerne Piano are required.  Purchasing music books “used” or downloading free copies of sheet music is prohibited.  Siblings are not permitted to share lesson or thoery books.  There is a standard shipping fee of $4.99 that will be added to your invoice for sheet music orders. 

If you need to miss a lesson for a school-related educational function I will issue you a make up lesson credit as long as I have at least 24 hours notice.  If you are not able to give me 24 hours notice you will lose the lesson, except in cases of family emergency or illness, in which case I will issue you a make up lesson credit.  Make up lessons are not given for conflicts with other extra-curricular activities, school sports, or family vacations.  Make up lesson credits do not expire as long as students are actively enrolled and paying tuition on time.  If you discontinue regular month lessons any makeup credits accrued are considered expired.  Said makeup credits will not be re-issued for use if the student is accepted back into the studio and begins paying tuition again.  Make up credits have no cash value and will not be refunded in cash or credited to your account.  Please be aware that depending on my schedule I can not always schedule a make up lesson with you immediately after an absence.  If you have a make up credit you may register for a make up lesson by visiting the studio website (boernepiano.com).  All openings that I may have are listed and available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Once you have registered for a make up lesson your credit will be redeemed.  It will not be re-issued if you miss the make up lesson. 

Your student may not attend a lesson if they are feverish.  I will offer them a FaceTime lesson if they are feeling up to it, or if preferred issue them a make up lesson credit.

If other members of your household have Covid, the flu or strep, please cancel your lesson, I will offer a FaceTime lesson or credit your account for your consideration!

If there is a flash flood warning, or other official weather your lesson will be offered by FaceTime.

Your student may not play in their lesson if they have acrylic, gel or dip manicures.  Natural nails must be trimmed.  Your student may not play in their lesson if they have any type of hand, wrist or arm injury, even with permission of their doctor.  During the injury we will have plenty other to study and they should still plan to attend their regular weekly lessons.  Make up lesson credits are not issued for such injuries.  

I may choose not to teach on US Federal Holidays.  I also take vacation the week of Spring Break, the week of Thanksgiving, and two weeks at Christmas.  Tuition is not reduced by these holidays.  Make up credits are not issued.  Refunds are not offered.  Enjoy the time off. 

Students are expected to take weekly lessons.  I will not make exceptions for the last weeks of May, or for the summer vacation from school.  If you choose to “take time off” during the summer you must continue to pay for your weekly spot in order to keep it for the following school year.   Make up credits will not be issued.  

If I have to cancel a scheduled lesson with you I will reimburse your account for my absence.

Tuition is not refundable for students who discontinue mid-month.  Make up credits have no cash value, and make up lessons will not be offered in the future to a student who discontinues lessons that have been paid for.  Make up lessons are not transferable to siblings.  Tuition can be transferable to siblings IF the lesson day and time remains the same.  Tuition that has agreed to be transferred to a sibling can not be pushed ahead for future dates.  Said tuition can only be used if there is no time off in between the transfer.